Sunday, August 3, 2008

Blogger spell checker suddenly in German

While typing up my previous post I realized that Blogger's spell checker had suddenly switched from English, my choice of language here, to German therefore resulting in a relatively extensive list of words it considers to be wrong.

I've never had that happen to be and it's a real pain the rear. I checked my account's configuration but didn't find any options for setting the language of the blog / spell checker so I guess for the moment I have to deal with this.

Any suggestions of how to get rid of the German spell checker?

P.S. Damn, now everyone will see the spelling mistakes I make... :-/


Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm having the same problem. My spell checker has switched to another language and it's useless! All the words are highlighted just like in your example. If you find anything, let me know on my blog.

Anonymous said...

OK. I figured it out. Open your Google account and get to the Classic Home page for Google. Look to the right of the search box and click "preferences". Check the correct language box and save preferences. Now go to Blogger and your spellcheck should be set correctly to the language you prefer.

This is a standard problem with languages and Google. Seems that you can save the preferences but if you are using different machines that are configured for different languages, Google sees this and may reset your different accounts. I have noticed that I occasionally have to reset preferences when using Web History and other features.