Sunday, December 26, 2010

Photos from Buenos Aires (and Montevideo)

The week before Christmas I had a chance to travel to Buenos Aires to attend a workshop organized by the Argentinean Ministry of Education within the context of the country’s Conectar Igualdad program. I hope to be able to blog about the workshop in more detail in the future but for now I at least managed to upload some photos which I took while exploring Buenos Aires during my stay. As always you can find the complete album over on Flickr as well as see a selection of some of my favorites below.


"El Metodo" playing on Calle FloridaIMG_2160

 Conectar Igualdad poster in PalermoIMG_2185

 Buildings on Plaza del CongresoIMG_2217

Skyline at Cementario RecoletaIMG_2228Train stop in La Boca

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