Friday, September 28, 2007

Barcelona photos @ Flickr

While sitting on the train to Vienna (I'm loving it) today I went through my collection of photos from a week-long family-trip to Barcelona back in February. I have to say I'm always having a hard time sorting through photos to pick out the best ones. With this set for example I started with the ~500 photos which I had taken and quickly narrowed them down to ~250 pieces. That first round of sorting is always quite easy, you remove the obviously bad ones (out of focus, etc.) and that gets rid of quite a lot of them. But afterwards it just becomes tedious. Finding the best shot of the same motive (taken from slightly different angles with different exposure/aperture setting for example) always takes me ages. Anyway, after about 20min I arrived at ~180 photos. It took me another 10min to get down to 156. That's when my notebook ran out of batteries (and Iwas only 5min from Vienna) so now I simply uploaded them to Flickr even though I'm still not 100% with my selection.

You can find the photos by clicking on this link...

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