Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Quick message from the Gobi

Just a quicky to let everyone know that we (only Patrick and me because the other two decided to do their own "tour", I don't think they realize how much they're missing out) are having a great time here in the Gobi desert in Mongolia. It's an outstanding place to be, stunning landscapes, nice people, beautiful sunsets, very cool group of people, great old Soviet-style 4-wheel-drive bus,... All in all an amazing experience. Haven't felt that relaxed for a very long time!

At the moment we're in the south of the Gobi in a city which starts with "D" (aka shithole but at least some civilization such as Internet access and a market with decent food). Our 7 day tour started on Monday so we'll get back to Ulaanbaatar (capital of Mongolia) on Sunday evening.

Ulaanbaatar is a very cool and vibrant city, something we certainly hadn't expected. Plus the Mongolian girls are simply stunning, I have never seen so many gorgeous women in one place (not even at Computex in Taiwan!). I certainly think UB could be a cool place to spend my midlife-crisis. ;-)

Anyway, gotta go and have dinner in our ger and then we might just have some beer and vodka. Should be a good night! To really experience what the term night means you anyhow have to go to a desert:-)

More details to follow soon...

Patrick's free of sense corner:
No, we do not mention that everyone else we meet in this country is much cooler than we are, and it is certainly not true that many people do the transib as an in-betweener during their year-lasting world trips... But we are the prettiest;-)

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