Sunday, April 27, 2008

Live-blogging... Baltimore

I'm on my way to Baltimore at the moment and I brought along the OLPC XO that Mike kindly lend me. I will attempt to do some live-blogging, posting photos and comments while leeching off free wifi as I go along.

First stop: Union Station in DC

Update (7.30 p.m.): Hahaha, so much for my attempt at live-blogging... Had a great day in Baltimore though and will post some photos and other entries over the next couple of hours.

Last update (0.50 a.m.): And so much for blogging today. I spent the past 3 hours writing e-mails so now I'm dead-tired and definitely not in the mood to still blog. Let's see, maybe I get a chance to write something up and post tomorrow or later in the week.

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