Monday, April 21, 2008

Quick summary of a busy week...

What a week! It's really insane how quickly it went by.

I still vividly remember Monday morning and the pain I felt when the alarm clock woke me up at 7.00 a.m.

Then, it was suddenly Tuesday evening and I was pouring wine and pretending to know about wine at a wine tasting at the embassy.

Wednesday morning I went to an interesting panel discussion about homeland security and the evening was spent at the monthly Austrian Happy-Hour here in DC and a concert afterwards.

Thursday started with a hangover but still turned into a very productive work-day which lasted until 7.30 p.m. (hence this comment).

Friday was another incredibly busy day at work but again lots of things got done. The evening was spent at the opening of a photo exhibition at the embassy followed by making the great decision to go to Adams Morgan, my future going-out hotspot because of all the outstanding bars and clubs there.

Saturday was spent sleeping until noon and spending some quality chill-out time on the National Mall in the afternoon. The weather, especially in the early afternoon, was outstanding (26° C) and I was also happy to have finally brought along my real digital camera. While up to now I had only taken snapshots with my mobile phone it was great to be able to use a decent camera to make real photos, some of which I've included below. I'm quite happy with how some of them have turned out and you can find more at

Today I again slept until noon, followed by a visit to Chinatown to grab lunch and some Chai Latte plus sweets for desert. Given that the weather today was really shitty with lots of rain and whatnot me and one of my colleagues from the embassy went to the cinema to see Leatherheads. The movie wasn't too great but quite amusing and the soundtrack was good. So basically the perfect choice for such a rainy day as this one. Now I've spent the past 3 hours just catching up with some of the online-action, reading e-mails and watching the latest episodes of Two And A Half Men. Anyway, now I'm off to finish some laundry and then I'll reply to a couple of the e-mails and other messages I got this week... :-)

Lincoln Memorial
Korean War Veterans Memorial
Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall
Sunset at Washington Monument
Washington Monument
3, 2, 1... And we're off into the next week!


Anonymous said...

seems like you spend a lot of "quality time" these days?
learned a new word, bro'?
you use it all the time ;)

ChristophD said...

Shuddup... :-D