Sunday, October 21, 2007

"Christoph Derndofer" makes it into the OLPC community-news

What's less than 15 minutes of fame?

Half a second of fame.

And today I had that second. Or rather a certain Christoph Derndofer (my name minus an r) did. As previously mentioned I'm part of OLPC Austria and one of our current projects is to write a so-called "activity handbook" for people who want to write software for the OLPC X0 (more commonly known as the "$100 laptop"). Documentation is definitely one of the areas where the OLPC project is still lacking and therefore we decided it was time to write something ourselves. I'm not going into more details here but you can expect me to talk more about this writing project over the coming weeks and months.

For now it's good to see that OLPC really picked up on the current documentation efforts and that lead to the following paragraph in the latest edition of the OLPC community-news:

26. How-tos/documentation: A few groups have independently developed their own "how-tos" about using Sugar and the XOs. Christoph Derndofer and Eduardo Silva each took a stab at how-tos for using activities and Todd Kelsey and Val Scarlatta worked on updating the 542 Demo Notes with more detailed information from the wiki and updates for recent builds. John Gilmore wrote in with his own ideas for help files. There is a group discussion planned for next Saturday to bring these similar works together.

I hope that I can still convince them to change that meeting to Friday or something because next Saturday I'll be celebrating the birthday of one of my best friends (and my own birthday) with a party!

For now I'm happy with my split-second of fame... :)


Wayan said...

Your name is always spelled correctly on OLPC News....

ChristophD said...

True that! :-)

Still working on that article for you though... Hope to finish it in the next 2 or 3 days!