Monday, October 1, 2007

First 12 photos from Mongolia @ Flickr

So I finally sat down and really started to look through all the photos I took during the journey. To make the whole task a bit more managable I basically split the photos into three folders, one for each country I visited. Given that most people have been asking for photos of Mongolia I started working on those...

And I gave up after an hour because right now my head is spinning after seeing all those photos and I simply can't decide anymore which ones to include in the "best of" selection. So I decided to call it a day but not before at least selecting 12 photos as sort of a teaser for what's to come. These photos might not be the best ones, hell, they might not even be the most representative selection. But they are the ones that caught my eye and where I thought nice.

You can find my current "best of" nice selection by clicking on this link or in case that should not work just search for my photos which are tagged "TransSib" as I unfortunately can't add more photo sets at Flickr without "going pro". Which I'll probably do once I have some money in my account after my birthday later this month.

Edit: And here's one shot for the people who are too lazy to click that link above...

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