Monday, October 1, 2007

iPod nano is too nano

I guess most of you have heard about Apple releasing a new set of iPods the other day. So after looking through the specs and information on Apple's website I went out to a store on Saturday to check them out in person. Unfortunately the iPod touch - one that I would have been most interested in because of the UI - wasn't there as it's apparently not going to be available for a couple more weeks.

Anyway, I spent some time with an iPod nano and I have to say that it's becoming a bit too nano for me. I don't know whether I'm just clumsy or have big fingers or whatever, but these things are freakin' hard to use. I've been using an old iPod mini for the past year and in terms of its size it's just right. It could be a tad slimmer but in terms of its width and height its perfect. I really don't see how making the enclosure's dimension and, more importantly, the clickwheel smaller is improving this device. The main argument that people will have is that it's a move to accomodate the bigger screen.

Yeah, like I'm ever going to watch a video on a 2" screen! I mean, come on, who seriously spends any significant time watching videos on those thingies? Nobody? I thought so. Even the iPod classic's 2.5" screen isn't going to cut it for any serious video watching. It's only when you start moving above 3" (such as with the iPod touch and it's 3.5"480 x 320 pixel screen) can I see myself spending more than painful 2 minutes looking at a video clip or something. The only time I ever watched anything on an iPod was during a winter vaccation two years ago where I looked at an episode of Joey during a long car-ride. And that was it, been there done that.

In my opinion the only reason for making the screen larger (and sacrificing the clickwheel size) would be to allow for a better interface. Unfortunately the much marketed "Cover Flow" on that latest generation of iPods isn't anything to call home about. So you get to see your covers, big deal...

All in all, I'm going to stick with my iPod mini until it dies or something significantly better comes along. And sometimes, even in technology, size does matter and smaller isn't always better.


Nick en Leen said...

hey harige Oostenrijker!

How are you? I ment to write you an E-mail but we send all our papers home allready (allong with heeps of fake chinese stuff) Thanks to the great fire wall of china we couldn't see our blog till now in Nepal. So how was your stay at lake baikal and what do you think about the girls in Moskou?
greets Nick en Leen

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