Tuesday, February 19, 2008

It's official, I'm going to Washington, DC

I just got the confirmation that I'll indeed be heading to Washington, DC for a 3-month internship which starts April, 1st. That means I'll be flying out across the pond somewhere around March, 25th and as I intend to do some travelling through the United States and Canada after my internship ends I'll probably get back to Austria the first week of August.

Hooooray! What else can I say... :-D

Now all I need to do is get my visa (you know how much I like paperwork), book a flight (Lufthansa from Munich non-stop to Washington at €580 sounds like a reasonable deal) and find a place to live in Washington. That last item is undoubtably the hardest one, I've been looking up and down on craigslist but not too many interesting (and affordable!) places have popped up. I've also asked a couple of people I know in DC to keep their eyes open for anything that looks acceptable. If you happen to know a place to live that's reasonably close to Van Ness UDC or the red Metro line and costs <$800 / month then please let me know!

Okay, enough happy, back to work.


Wolfgang Nagele said...

unless you don't need the visa, for your apprenticeship you can just go for a normal tourist visa which lasts 6 month?

ChristophD said...

As I'll be working at the Austrian embassy in Washington I'll actually be getting a diplomatic visa.

However I'm generally just not the biggest fan of paperwork and especially visa-applications, I dealt enough with those when planning my Transsiberian railway trip where I spent a lot of time going to all the different embassies and whatnot.