Sunday, February 3, 2008

Smashing Pumpkins Website with Lots of User-Submitted Content

One thing that I forgot to mention last night when I commented on the Smashing Pumpkins concert is that offers a lot of user-submitted content such as audio- and video-recordings, set lists, etc.

I haven't had too much time to browse through all the material but here are two things that I'd definitely recommend checking out:

(1) set list for the Vienna concert on 31-01-2008
(2) high-quality audio-recordings from the concert Smashing Pumpkins gave at the Nova Rock festival (which takes place close to Vienna) in June 2007

In preparation for the concert I've listened to the live-recording over and over again and I just absolutely love it. It captures enough of the audience feedback to create that live atmosphere yet it's not so loud as to disturb the listening experience. If you're only going to listen to three of these songs than make it Tarantula, Stars and Gossamer! I'll keep an eye on the website to see whether recordings of the Vienna concert will surface at one point or another.

Here's a band that seems to embrace digital-distribution the way it's meant to be done!

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