Friday, January 18, 2008

Sexy Geeks (The ones also known as marriage material)

I've been meaning to post this for quite some time but I never found the time to actually go ahead and do it. Especially since posting all that CES 2008 related news on has kept me busy this past week, not to mention university-related work.

When I normally think of the word "geek" it takes me quite a while to come up with a connection to the word "sexy". (After drawing a complicated graph and applying several even more complicated algorithms I came up with the following solution: geek - computers - ICT tradeshows - Computex - booth babes - sexy.) So every time such a connection is made I can't help but smile. And seeing that I like workarounds, hacks, cheats and especially lists just like the next geek I couldn't help but enjoy reading the following two blog-entries:

"Top 5 Female Hackers in Film History" []: Just having watched Transformers on the flight from London to Washington (and hating the film because it sucks so much) I can certainly agree with Maggie Madsen being one hell of a cool hacker. Seeing more of her would have certainly made that movie less painful! I don't really care too much about the choice #4 through #2 but I was certainly surprised when I learned that Kate Libby in "Hackers" was played by Angelina Jolie, talk about a lack of knowledge!

"top ten sexy geeks 2007" []: Now of course I have to admit that this list really made my day when I read it. The main connection to the top 5 list above is the fact that Leah Culver is amongst those top ten sexy geeks. Having stumbled across Leah via Pownce (- Kevin Rose - Diggnation - Video podcasts) I certainly have to agree that she is very cute. And while I couldn't care less about the male geeks showing up on that list it's definitely good that I scrolled down to the end of the page because sexy geek #1 is definitely a stunning person: Veronica Belmont. I remember the first time I saw her on CrankyGeeks I was thinking to myself "oh my God, who is that?"

Now of course the obvious question is: Why aren't there more of these women around the Vienna University of Technology? I mean honestly, what's sexier than a smart and good lookin' female geek?


Unknown said...

Mmm. Posted 11.49pm on a Friday evening....

Step away from the beer... ;-)

(Although I agree with you 100%! Cheers! I'm drinking Bitburger. You?)

ChristophD said...

Hehe, I actually started writing that entry *before* going out but admittedly finished it when I got home at 4 a.m.

(btw, no beer, I went with long island iced tea that evening)