Monday, January 28, 2008

VIA Isaiah CPU Architecture

I spent most of my evening (well, it's actually 4 a.m. 'round here) writing a up my thoughts on VIA Technologies' announcement about their upcoming Isaiah CPU Architecture. Of all the 900+ news-items that I have published on this is definitely amongst the most extensive ones I've ever written!

Here's a short teaser:

"...I do believe that Isaiah has the potential to be a strong platform for VIA to build on over these coming years. As The Inq puts it the "…CN appears to be a good starting point…" and I can only agree with that. While 64-bit computing still hasn't really caught on in the mainstream-market I certainly see it being a requirement a few years down the road. The fact that multi-core Isaiahs are an option also shows that Centaur designed a relatively flexible platform which can be enhanced in the future. Plus the inclusion of Intel's VTX specifications for Virtual Machines indicates that VIA and Centaur believe this will also be an important feature, especially in the server and appliance market. The technical features are certainly there to allow for great processors, now it's important that VIA also nails the price and availability of Isaiah-based products!"

You can read the complete article here...

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