Monday, May 19, 2008

Update to the OLPC Activity Handbook

Back in January I mentioned that we had released the first edition of our OLPC Activity Handbook. Now it's my pleasure to announce a significant update to the handbook which we worked on over the past weeks and months. We have now included chapters on topics such as the Sugar user interface, datastore and collaboration, the Journal and XO Input Devices. The handbook was formally presented by my colleague Daniel Jahre at the Wiener Linuxwochen (Vienna Linuxweeks) on Friday.

At the moment the current version is only available as a pdf that's been optimized for print purposes (alternating margins, etc.) but we should have a normal version soon. I also hope to find an hour or two this week to upload some of the .py and .xo files that I produced for the handbook to the wiki entry.

I have to say that I'm quite happy to have reached this milestone. Going forward I definitely want to enhance the current material however I'll have to see how much spare time I have in the coming weeks and months as I'll have another significant committment starting tomorrow...

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