Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A day spent organizing

Phew, talk about about overhead, I spent all my day organizing things instead of visiting Salt Spring Island as initially planned. I had really meant to get out of bed early (that didn't happen), go to the train-station to pick up my ticket from Vancouver to Portland (that did happen, but I was running an hour behind schedule already), arrange all the details for my stay in Portland and the flight from there to San Francisco (that took much longer than anticipated), announce the meeting on olpcnews (thanks Wayan!) before I was off to the island.

Anyway, most of the things are taken care of, with only minor details such as my accomodation in San Francisco and the flight from SFO to BOS in need of more attention. Regardless of that I will get up early tomorrow, in fact go to the ferry-station, take the boat over to the island and then spend a day there doing some biking and relaxing at a Bed & Breakfast before I head back to Vancouver on Wednesday at noon. You'll see, you'll all see!

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