Monday, July 28, 2008

German trade union (ver.di) strike at Lufthansa

Even though someone had told me about it yesterday I just stumbled across the news again that the German trade union (ver.di) started a strike at Lufthansa this evening. Now guess with which airline I'm planning to fly to Munich on Friday?

Normally I wouldn't be worried, Friday is still a couple of days away and from previous strikes at airlines I have learned that they normally try to at least fulfill their long-distance flights in order to minimize damage. Also on international routes it's potentially easier to find replacement staff from other airlines. However looking at ver.di's last big strike at the Deutsche Bahn you can see that those are tough bastards and anything can happen with them.

So I sincerely hope that things get sorted out by Friday but admittedly I'm slightly worried so I'll definitely keep an eye on the news to see how things develop.

And I really really don't know why but I had to think of the "I dare you, I double dare you ..." scene in Pulp Fiction (YouTube clip @ 5:06min) when reading about this strike.

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