Sunday, November 18, 2007

It's a good Sunday for (online-)videos

Ahhh, what a great Sunday to be watching some online-videos... Given that I was quite busy these past couple of days I haven't really had the time to check out the latest episodes of all my favourite (online-) shows. So while I'm writing this I'm downloading the latest episodes of CrankyGeeks and Diggnation for my viewing pleasure. Plus the latest Scrubs episode is also being transfered to my hard-drive as we speak. That should make for a good 2 hours of watching amusing videos instead of completing my university assignment in "functional programming" (yes, it's as amusing as it sounds!).

One question that I'm currently pondering is whether I should add any of the ChannelFlip shows to my RSS reader. While I really enjoy reading Wil Harris' blog none of the 3 shows they produce over there at the moment have really managed to capture me. While Play:Digital is certainly an excellent show my interest in video-games is so low at the moment that I can't bring myself to watch it. Unwired on the other hand is too focused on gadgets in my opinion and by the time they actually produce a show about something I'm interested in I've read all about it on another website anyway. I haven't watched their third show, Discus, so far but I don't really like movie-reviews to begin with (except in 2000 ~ 2001 when I regularly watched the BBC World's "talking movies") so it's not something I'm really interested in.

One last video that nearly forgot to mention here is the latest one from Technology Review: It's called Twitter and Ambient Intimacy. I haven't watched it so far but in general TR's videos are extremely interesting and always talk about or provide a new perspective of things that I haven't thought about.

Well, off to watch some videos... Have a great Sunday everyone!

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