Monday, November 19, 2007

Microsoft Customer Support - I'm loving it! (part 2)

I guess some of you remember my earlier rant about my issues with installing Live Writer and Microsoft's Customer Support. Well, the other day I finally had some time to follow the steps outlined in the latest reply from their support-team which basically asked for me to provide them with the log-files created during the installation. So I took them and attached them to the following e-mail:
Hello again,

I followed all the suggested steps mentioned below unfortunately I'm still having the same issue with not being able to install Windows Live Writer.

I have attached a copy of the log-file and hope that helps you to be able to resolve this problem

Thanks in advance,
I immediatly received a reply telling me that the *.log file that they had asked me to send them couldn't be processed by the system because "the attachment extension was not valid". So I renamed the files to *.log.txt and sent it off again.

The next morning I woke up and had the following reply in my inbox (my emphasis):

Hello Christoph,

Thank you for contacting Windows Live Writer Technical Support. My name is MNO and I understand that you encountered an error message when installing the Windows Live Writer. I appreciate that you have taken the time to write this to us.

Christoph, after reviewing the details you provided, I want to let you know that your inquiry is quite isolated and unique. I will be forwarding this case to our product specialists, who will then engage additional resources to further investigate this matter. They will be getting back to you once an update becomes available. Thank you for your patience.

We appreciate your continued support as we strive to provide you with the highest quality service available. Thank you for using Windows Live Writer.


Windows Live Writer Technical Support

Great, I guess I was the one with the lucky straw which means that my issue is both isolated and unique! Plus after all those e-mails telling them that I can't get that damn thing to install on my box I'm still being thanked for "using Windows Live Writer". Kicking me when I'm down?

Anyway, I haven't heard back from Microsoft since November, 12th and I'm not holding my breath for a quick solution. I guess I'll just have to wait for a new version of the software and hope that they fix whatever bug is keeping me from being able to install Live Writer.

Consider this case closed until further notice...


Mark Burland said...

I'm having the exact same problem as you, so I guess you're not quite so isolated! Please keep us updated with this situation.

ChristophD said...

I'll definitely keep you posted in case Microsoft get's back to me with new information!

Unknown said...

Hey Christoph, I've just bought a brand new Sony laptop and I have the exact same problem! Please keep me updated! Adam

Unknown said...

I can confirm.
Something is messed up here. It installed fine on Vista for me but i'm getting te same error on XP. Definetly keep us posted xD

Anonymous said...


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