Sunday, November 18, 2007

Made For Each Other: Zonbu & Flickrvision

Apart from watching all the videos I mentioned before I spent most of my afternoon and evening using the Zonbu system to see what it performs like in several usage scenarios. While testing various websites and online-services I remembered Flickrvision and decided to give it a shot. Flickrvision is basically a mash-up that overlays photos that people are uploading on Flickr on a Google Maps representation of the world. (There's also a 3D view of the globe but I don't really like it that much.)

The cool thing about the Zonbu system is that it allows me to run applications and services like this one on my 2nd CRT monitor (see the photo below) without having to put up with any fan-noise, real power-consumption (~10W) or having to worry about configuration or anything. You just hook up the Zonbu to your monitor and peripherals, hit the power-button and you're done!

I think I'm going to be using the Zonbu for more of these single-task situations, whether it's listening to web-radio, following a couple of RSS feeds or maybe just displaying my own holiday photos. (Even though I'm not sure whether seeing your holiday photos out of the corner of your eye allows for any productivity to happen!)

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