Sunday, November 11, 2007

SimCity running on the OLPC X0

After last night's session mainly being focused on serious web-services and web-sites I decided to go for something different today. That's why I decided to download and install the legendary SimCity (my Maxis) on one of the X0s I have sitting here. Electronic Arts recently released the game under the GPL and that means that it's now available for everyone to play, hack and sugarize (the process of adapting software to the X0's Sugar environment).

So above you can a screenshot of my city after playing for around 5 minutes. SimCity really brings back lots of memories to when I was in primary school and used to play that game, A LOT!

Anyway, kudos to EA for releasing that game and I hope to see more publishers release older titles under the GPL so they can be ported over to the X0!

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