Friday, August 24, 2007

9 hours to go

In a bit more than 9 hours we're going to start our journey by getting on that train to Munich... Hooray!! :-)

Today was spent with some last minute shopping and we should be all set now. At least I can't think of anything we've forgotten.

In the evening I started packing all my things into that brand new backpack of mine. Here's a photo of what my room looked like with all the items from my "to-be-packed" list strewn across the bed and floor...

Now when I turn around I'm presented with a significantly better view. The main backpack is quite full and my carry-on backpack (which will also be used for day-trips) will also be packed once I add my camera and some other things which are still missing.

Unfortunately my sleeping bag (the green thing on the left) didn't quite make it into the backpacks so I'll have to carry it when boarding the plane. I certainly hope that Emirates isn't too picky about enforcing their "1 carry-on bag only" policy. Especially since my overall weight is well below what I'm allowed to bring (20kg + 6kg) with my backpack coming in at around ~14kg and the small one with 4kg.

Well, I'm off for now, I still need to get some things done before I can call it a day. Plus I'm still thinking about heading to a friend for a last sip of Austrian beer.

Next stop: Beijing...

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