Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Outdoor Equipment Reloaded

So, after my weekend rant about expensive outdoor equipment we sat down and looked for more cost effective alternatives. Unfortunately we didn't really find too many products that cost less than an arm and a leg. So in terms of the tent we now decided to go for a Salewa Zodiac II (1.7kg,
€160) and for a backpack we're going with a Nortland Kailash 70+10 (€80). Next week (if I get back alive from the Frequency-Festival that is) I'll also purchase a sleeping bag, though I'm still not sure which one to get. So the last unknown is which matrace to get, my buddy decided to go for a €50 iso-matrace, however I'm still not sure whether I'm willing to spend that much money on that.

Well, I'm off for now to buy all the food+beer+water that we're going to need for the festival. Rock'n'Roll, here I come... :-)

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