Thursday, August 23, 2007

So much to do, so little time

Only 36 more hours before we get on that train to Munich Airport... And
in 2 1/2 days we're already going to be in Bejing!! :-)

Tomorrow will be a pretty busy day as I still need to buy my sleeping
bag as I wasn't able to find a suitable one while I was in Vienna these
past two days. Plus thanks to the f****** moron at
(who sent the Nortland Kailash 70+10 backpacks we ordered to another
customer and now we won't get it in time) we still need to buy a
backpack tomorrow. There are two Nortland stores which are relatively
close by where we hope to find good backpacks. I rang one up 10min
before they called it a day and they had one Kailash 70+10 still in
stock. However they received a large shipment today which they haven't
unboxed so I'm quite optimistic about getting the ones we want tomorrow.
One way or another it's another thing that I'll have to take care off
and I'm not too happy about it. *grml*

On another note I tested out my iso-matrace half an hour ago and it's
really quite confortable, which it of course should be given that I
spent €60 on it...

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