Monday, August 20, 2007

More shopping...

So I did some more shopping today... Here's what I got:

a 1:1.600.000 map of Mongolia by Reise Know-How (€9) to keep me from getting lost
a self-inflatable "Trail Lite" mattress by Therm-A-Rest (€59) to keep me from freezing
a 4L water-bag by Ortlieb (€21) to keep me from dehydrating

Unfortunately there were also two things I didn't get so far:

a sleeping bag (quite important I dare say!)
a light-weight camping pot

We also still need to get some things in terms of medicine and whatnot. Plus I need to find my good hiking-shoes!

While looking for some of these things I also stopped by local Army Shop, the first time that I went to such a place. Needless to say I was expecting a facist-lookin' guy right out of "Falling Down". However when I walked into the store I was pleasently surprised by three good-lookin' young ladies looking at me with a smile. I wish all shops I go to had staff like that, then I'd probably do less online-shopping... ;-)

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