Monday, August 13, 2007

Technology @ TransSib

I just realized that it's about time that I mention technology here on this blog. After all it's supposed to be an important theme around here, right?

Anyway, with regards to technology and the TransSib I was actually thinking about purchasing a Nokia N770 tablet as somewhat of a mobile note-taking and blogging tool. However I realized that it's really just an excuse to justify getting a gadget. Plus my bank account is looking quite empty anway (did I mention that I'm going to be broke after this trip?), so I've decided to stick to pen and paper. I'll try and capture some of my impressions on paper, apart from the obvious photographs, and then compile that information into (I hope) interesting blog entries.

BTW, I'm currently listening to the new Marilyn Manson album "Eat Me, Drink Me" and I really like it! The sound, his voice and also the lyrics seem to be a bit more polished then with his earlier records. So far my favourite tracks are "Putting Holes In Happiness", "Evidence" and "Eat Me, Drink Me". And what does everyone think of the track called "Mutilation is the Most Sincere Form of Flattery"?

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